We are making a concerted effort to pray for our husbands, fathers, sons and brothers... we are believing that the patterns which we have accepted as normal, will be confronted, and men will take the right places as husbands, fathers and leaders. We are believing for salvation, mended families, reconciliation, restoration, exoneration, reduced suicidal rates and gun violence, stronger families, stronger communities and so much more. Join the movement by following @prayforthemenglobal, watch for updates and announcements throughout the month of August and beyond. Last but not least, please share our content in effort to create a greater awareness for this much needed movement. We hope that you will come into agreement, join the movement and support the cause.

 We are praying for our men, and we won't stop until we see our prayers answered. Men will be freed from generational trauma and word curses that have created negative patterns in their lives

Our Mission

To provide spiritual support and resources that will help men who are struggling with internal afflictions and lacking a sense of identity and purpose.


Our Vision

To see men healed and restored from past trauma, rise above their current circumstances and living in the freedom that God has ordained for them.

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